Current Affairs Quiz-2

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Current Affairs Quiz-2

Current Affairs Quiz-2

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Current Affairs Quiz-2

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Which airline becomes the first to use Solar fuel?

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Ungalil Uruvan is the autobiography of the CM of which states?

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Where will India's first "E-waste Eco Park" be Set up?

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Which IIT has developed a biodegradable nanoparticle?

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Which state started India's first ambulance for road animals?

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When was world wildlife day celebrated?

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The govt of which State/UT has approved a new film policy for 2022?

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When was Zero discrimination day was observed?

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Which female cricketer becomes the first to play 6 world cup matches?

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Which country has been hit by the Cyclone Emnati?

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When was world hearing day celebrated?

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"SPARSH" is the initiative of which the Union Ministry?

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In which State/UT  was the Hearth festival celebrated?

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What was the name of the world's largest plane of Ukraine which was destroyed by Russia?

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When was National Safety day celebrated?

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