Questions of Computer

Important questions of computer for competitive exams

1)Where is the National Institute of Excellence in the
field of Information Technology and allied science
proposed to be set up.
2) A compact disc is a data storage system of the typeOptical
3)Who developed the concept of E-Mail?Ray Tomlinson
4)The basic application of an AND gate in computers is
5)’IC’ in computers stands forIntegrated Circuit
6)Processing of a data file to reduce its size for
storage on disk is termed as:-
7)The first computer language developed was:Fortran
8) WLL stands forWireless in the local loop
9) Processor’s speed of a computer is measured in:- MIPS
10) “C” language is a High-level Language
11) Where was India’s first computer installedIndian Statistical Institute Calcutta
12) The father of the computer is:-Charles Babbage
13) A communication network which is used
by large organizations over regional national or global are is called
Wide Area Network (WAN)
14)In HTML <B> and </B> tags display the enclosed text inBOLD
15) The’ NOSHADE’ attribute in HTMLDisplay the lines in Red
16) The symbols used in an assembly language are:- Mnemonics
17) IC-Chips of computers are usually made ofSilicon
18) Optics Fibres are used in place of wire cables because:They do not generate magnetic fields
19) The device that converts digital signals to analog isModem
20) To read a CD-ROM disc, you need a Laser Beam
21) The name MODEM derived fromModulator- Demodulator
22) ENIAC wasAn electronic Computer
23) HTTP stands forHypertext Transfer Protocol
24) LAN stand forLocal Area Network
25) DTP stands for Desktop Publishing
26) One byte consists of8 bits
27) A High speed network that connect local networks in a city or town:- MAN
28) A bug in a program is a Error
29) DOS is a Disk Operating System

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